The difference between official and unofficial whatsapp API

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There are indeed some unofficial Whatsapp API companies on the market, but what is the difference from the official ones? There are many restrictions on the Official Whatsapp api, at least you have to comply with his business policy. For example, if you sell e-cigarettes, whatsapp policy does not allow, so you can’t use the official Whatsapp API, but is it okay to use unofficial channels? Although many companies will provide this kind of service suppliers say that if it is legal, whatsapp is Whatsapp said or listened to those suppliers?
So in terms of which channels you want to use, you must abide by the regulations of those channels. Otherwise, if time and money are invested and nothing can be done in the end, resources will be wasted! read more

Whatsapp CRM: Adidas 成功例子

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在商家裡頭,現代營銷是可以量度用戶反應的,例如多少人看過那個廣告,多少人點擊過連結,甚至有多少個瀏覽,也應該一目了然。不過有些即時通訊軟件類似 Whatsapp,他們稱之為 dark social,意思是沒有辦法量度。不過在近期的 Adidas 成功利用 Whatsapp 作營銷的例子(Adidas Predator 20)中就看到,他們充分利用 Whatsapp 為一個簡單的 CRM 工具,結果成就了 “Rent-a-pred” 這個營銷計劃。 read more

What WhatsApp CRM system is suitable?

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If you search on Whatsapp CRM, you will see that many CRM systems actually include Whatsapp plug-ins. One of the reasons is that WhatsApp is also a software for many users around the world. But 9 out of 10 of those software are in English. Is it suitable for your business? Based on more than ten years of experience in IT, the author summarizes some experiences and shares with readers: read more


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鑑於疫情有所緩和,一些展覽場地如亞博館已準備摩拳擦掌,購入多部高效益消毒設備,及在訪客使用的地方擺設消毒用品,如酒精乾手液,及加強清潔等,務求讓展覽業務重新恢復。據悉,亞博館會在展覽聽的出入口加裝「CleanTeach 消毒通道」,此外也會在員工的制服上使用物理殺菌技術,在員工通道使用植物源消毒等。 read more


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「做喜歡的事情,錢自然會來」筆者經常都聽到這句說話,而且很多有創業的經驗的作者都會將他們的熱情與工作融為一體,結果創造了一個不錯的收入。近日有媒體就推介了一部外國的著作,作者是一位名為 Kristen Morrison 的寵物保姆公司的創辦人,她用十多年的時間將企業發展成為年收百萬的公司,並在2013年時賣盤,全時間做寵物保姆及遛狗服務的創業顧問。 read more

How can you choose the very best shared office for rent?

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Coworking space or shared office no doubt increasingly has become highly popular and in demand for past years and that is for good reasons. Doubtlessly it has become a better selection for the startups and for the budding industrialists etc for economizing, networking and fueling the employees’ resourcefulness. Numerous studies are carried out and found that the open office layout to have adverse effects on the performance of the staff, with unstoppable background sound and other sorts of distractions causing greater stress. And the unbelievable fact that after conducting the research on a global level about 70%+ employees feel greatly productive when works in Coworking space. read more

How to Make Live house Alive?

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Hong Kong can be said to be a disaster in recent months. In addition to the anti-revision cases since June last year, a new type of pneumonia has recently struck, which has worsened the already bleak night market. So how to survive in a live house? The following is an empirical analysis drawn from the author’s integration of multiple operators, hoping to help the bosses overcome the difficulties: read more

香港 Live house 的最大問題

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香港近來都有很多「音樂餐廳」,即每晚都有駐唱歌手表演的餐廳。這種模式早在80年代初已經出現過,不過多數在酒廊才會看到他們的蹤影,現在將模式改做去餐廳罷了。不過這種模式在香港能行得通嗎?筆者試從不同角度看看。 read more

Is Live house start up possible?

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Although a live house in Hong Kong is not as topical as a shared office, a live house is also what people need. Because live house is a label representing the development of music art in that city, More live houses also represent the city’s respect and passion for music creation. Secondly, music is also a form of entertainment. In addition, music can really help people relax. It really needs its existence in this lush society. So is Live house start up feasible? read more