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In the IT circle, we often talk about startups. Some startups do not even have work experience and even become “dragons of people” or in the startup world, we often refer the “successful companies” as “unicorns”.

However, to be a “unicorn” or to successfully accomplish a career is actually not easy at all. This article cited “4 characteristics of Forbes successful people” and shares with you:

#1: They know when to start and when to end

As the saying goes: “It’s OK to be flexible” It just describes this group of people. They seem to have innate touch, knowing when they should begin, and when they should end, but when someones like to cherish their successes of the past, it would be hard for them to move forward, because those so-called “successes” are just their “stumbling blocks” for them.

#2 They can accept failure for ultimate success

The well-known inventor Edison was not very successful in inventing the electric light bulb in the beginning. He used more than 600 materials and had done more than 8000 experiments before successfully found out using carbonized bamboo filaments as the conductive wire in the bulb would last long. It was the first-generation incandescent lamp. Later, he improved the incandescent lamp and used a tungsten wire as the conductor in the vacuum bulb. The light bulb was filled with inert argon gas and it became the tungsten lamp known today. This spirit of perseverance is what every entrepreneur must have.

#3 Do not believe in fate

During the Chinese new year, many people went to the feng shui master and asked them advices on how to “prevent the evil and bring them more luck”. But successful people never believe in so-called fate. Their fate is basically in their own hands.

#4 Have Clear Goals

Most of the successful people have clear goals and follow steps to complete each step. And when appropriate, every detail will be reviewed and improvements made.

The above is only a brief description. We have the opportunity to talk about it again next time.