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Tahere are new type of offices called co-working that struck China by storm and this type of working trend seems influencing Hong Kong as well. With the first co-working space opened back in 2014, (operated by a big brand company in Hong Kong), few operators now are expanding their reach and open new facilities in Wan Chai.

But is co-working a future of working style?

In a news article, it reported that an open style working space is actually taking place. For example big companies such as HSBC, Berwin Leighton Paisner (a law firm) has been adopted the new style of working, which they believe through collaboration with start-up will bring benefits of the companies digital transformation.

Help Sharing of Knowledge

One of the purpose of co-working space is to share knowledges, some operators constantly open workshops and seminars to attract new visitors so that they can grow their businesses. Sharing knowledge is a good idea but the fact is with some many co-working spaces in Hong Kong, how can this industry survive? Probably this is the question the industry should ask.

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