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From time to time, I hear about the theft of Whatsapp, Facebook, email accounts, etc. How can we strengthen security? The following tips can enhance the functionality of Security System:

Do not use very low risk passwords

Some people will choose some numbers or strings that are easier to remember for fear of forgetting the password, or even use the order on the keyboard to make passwords such as “QWERT”, “12345”, “ASDFG”, etc. These passwords are extremely easy to be cracked by hackers, so it is better to choose some longer (8 characters or more) or even use numbers plus letters to make passwords, such as: “A1v4dOPB”, “GtBVi8La”, etc. As for memory I suggest that these strings represent an important stage of your life or something you like, such as: “Imm150619” (I’m getting married on 15 June 2019, I got married on June 15, 2019)

Enable double password verification

Double password authentication is very common. For example, online banking, you need a security code to log in to your account or transfer money. However, in general passwords, you can generally choose to use SMS or use third-party security coding functions such as Google Authenticator. . I don’t recommend that readers use SMS because this technology is outdated and easily intercepted by third parties. It is very insecure, so it is better to use apps like Google Authenticator.

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