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Thanks to the Internet, some cars rental, rental houses, tourism, and even home decoration platforms have emerged. This shows that it is an emerging business model, but what is the competitive advantage of this model? Here how I analyze:

Consumer trust system

Taking the home deco platform as an example, many founders will find it difficult to find a reliable home decoration partners, so they set up an online platform to introduce consumers to a reliable decoration master. The question is based on why consumers believe in this platform? Do their customer service representatives have knowledge or experience in home decoration? Or those platforms have a so-called consumer-trust system in place? If so, how is it designed to make the users believe what they recommend. I certainly believe their staffs need to well explain to the users.

Operators database

In the old days, some people who taught business would say: “The money is in the database!” If your operators database is big enough, you can introduce them to customers. However, again you need to entice consumer trust first. Speaking of this, some people may say that customers can leave comments on the platforms. But how many of these comments are true and how many are fake? This is going to test everyone’s wisdom!

Value-added services

The issue of trust cannot be solved immediately, but if the industry can provide a free supervision service, or it can increase your customer trust. But of course, if the supervisor has experience in decoration, even if he/she involved “in the middle of the trick,” consumers will trust you more.

After talking for so long, what is it fighting? Or an added value is that they fight!

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