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As the Internet’s technology evolves, many people like their own group of indie band, and then toured around the world. In Japan, the birthplace of the Asian live house, many indie band have been born, including DYGL, TENDOUJI and so on. Some names are a bit long and not very good, for example: “Survive Said The Prophet”.

This “Survive Said The Prophet”, I have browsed their official website, there is also an alias called “SABAPURO”, trying to check the meaning, but did not succeed. I am not a band manager or a musician, but I still have a little understanding of marketing. The first, name is very important if a band want to succeed. If the fans forget the name or don’t know how to read it, even if the music is really good, the band name is difficult to pass on.

For example, the now very hot Taiwanese group, Mayday, in English called Mayday, is it very easy to read and remember? Or the group Beyond, which was very famous in Greater China Area, it is just an English word. The groups that were popular in foreign countries are all at most up to three words, such as: Backstreet Boys, Boyz II Men, Spice Girls, and rarely use four words in their names.

Because it is difficult to remember, it is difficult to remember, so I suggest that those independent orchestras be renamed. At the time, it is better to have up to three children. Otherwise, people will forget you. It is useless to do anything.

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