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Although a live house in Hong Kong is not as topical as a shared office, a live house is also what people need. Because live house is a label representing the development of music art in that city, More live houses also represent the city’s respect and passion for music creation. Secondly, music is also a form of entertainment. In addition, music can really help people relax. It really needs its existence in this lush society. So is Live house start up feasible?

First, entrepreneurship is a science. It is feasible or not feasible to use data to support this entrepreneurial concept. In general, the live house business model in Hong Kong is selling tickets and renting places, and some are accompanied by drinks. Just looking at these concepts, the business model is not infeasible, the problem is that Hong Kong ’s rent is the highest in the world, but if a group of independent orchestras are required to bear the rent, it may not be feasible. The provider also needs to set a minimum number of participants to close the “ loss gate ” …

Even if these various modes are set up, in the end, it must be supported by some fans to be profitable. If the fans are not enthusiastic, they will be “no way” in the end!

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