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Hong Kong can be said to be a disaster in recent months. In addition to the anti-revision cases since June last year, a new type of pneumonia has recently struck, which has worsened the already bleak night market. So how to survive in a live house? The following is an empirical analysis drawn from the author’s integration of multiple operators, hoping to help the bosses overcome the difficulties:

1.) Takeaway

Evening food at night is not an idea only on the first day, but at this time, many companies may implement tight work at home, which encourages employees to work at home, so few people work in the original office, even if you are already doing lunch Even the minute is not enough to maintain the cost, so the only way is to join some take-out platforms for take-out, hoping to increase income by this.

2.) Make money using new media for performances

Many people who are engaged in live houses are themselves musicians. In this age of the Internet, this requires some simple tools, such as mic, and the lights can be used to live on the Internet. These tools are also cheap to buy on Amoy X, as long as they are disinfected when they are delivered, they can be used. Because the epidemic is really severe now, many people prefer to stay at home. What do you do at home? It is also very distressed, so if you know how to perform with new media such as Youtube, Titok (tremolo), I believe it will attract a lot of fans, and some will give you rewards, which can also earn some income!

3.) E-commerce

In fact, it is not out of reach for e-commerce. Whether it is local or foreign, they also need some daily necessities. However, it is not necessary to set up a website for e-commerce. It is not difficult to sell things online in disguise because of the social media relationship, as long as you post some product photos or some introduction articles (commonly known as drafts) Already. Usually if something is very demanding, it will get a response quickly, so that you can profit from it and earn some money to maintain your livelihood!

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