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The author believes that a problem that many WhatsApp will encounter is advertising. Some software will send messages in groups at all, and there will be a charge! For these spamming companies, Whatsapp began to rectify last year, closing a total of 2 million such spamming accounts.

In fact, you have to use Whatsapp for publicity, and you have to use it properly, but some people will never pay attention to the feelings of others. It was also spamming at the beginning of emails. As a result, governments of various countries have to legislate to regulate, and now it is the turn of Whatsapp!

So Whatsapp has also begun to rectify this type of account and launch the Whatsapp business API to prevent these spam messages, so that the platform can develop normally.

As for the Whatsapp business API is a set of payment business solutions that allow business users to release information to individual users, it can be said that this is a Whatsapp broadcasting system.

The author absolutely approves of this move, because there are some boring people in this world who think they will catch fish by sending crazy messages! It’s so boring.

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