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If you search on Whatsapp CRM, you will see that many CRM systems actually include Whatsapp plug-ins. One of the reasons is that WhatsApp is also a software for many users around the world. But 9 out of 10 of those software are in English. Is it suitable for your business? Based on more than ten years of experience in IT, the author summarizes some experiences and shares with readers:

Whether the software is written in “UTF-8” code, UTF-8 is unicode 8, which can support Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other languages. The simplest is to test whether the system supports Chinese characters. If some “monster text” appears after inputting, it means that the system language is not supported.

After knowing whether it supports Chinese, you also need to know some system information, or whether the layout is written in European and American styles. The simplest is the “name” column in the form. Because of cultural differences, the Chinese first name is “surname” first, while the European and American format is “first name” first.

In addition, it is important to see if their system allows some canned information, such as “input error” information.

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