cheng | whatsapp

There are indeed some unofficial Whatsapp API companies on the market, but what is the difference from the official ones? There are many restrictions on the Official Whatsapp api, at least you have to comply with his business policy. For example, if you sell e-cigarettes, whatsapp policy does not allow, so you can’t use the official Whatsapp API, but is it okay to use unofficial channels? Although many companies will provide this kind of service suppliers say that if it is legal, whatsapp is Whatsapp said or listened to those suppliers?
So in terms of which channels you want to use, you must abide by the regulations of those channels. Otherwise, if time and money are invested and nothing can be done in the end, resources will be wasted!

In addition to the above, the unofficial ones are also more flexible. There are indeed not so many restrictions on the use of phone numbers or the amount of information sent.

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