Is Live house start up possible?

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Although a live house in Hong Kong is not as topical as a shared office, a live house is also what people need. Because live house is a label representing the development of music art in that city, More live houses also represent the city’s respect and passion for music creation. Secondly, music is also a form of entertainment. In addition, music can really help people relax. It really needs its existence in this lush society. So is Live house start up feasible?

First, entrepreneurship is a science. It is feasible or not feasible to use data to support this entrepreneurial concept. In general, the live house business model in Hong Kong is selling tickets and renting places, and some are accompanied by drinks. Just looking at these concepts, the business model is not infeasible, the problem is that Hong Kong ’s rent is the highest in the world, but if a group of independent orchestras are required to bear the rent, it may not be feasible. The provider also needs to set a minimum number of participants to close the “ loss gate ” …

Even if these various modes are set up, in the end, it must be supported by some fans to be profitable. If the fans are not enthusiastic, they will be “no way” in the end!

The name of the independent band is too long to read

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As the Internet’s technology evolves, many people like their own group of indie band, and then toured around the world. In Japan, the birthplace of the Asian live house, many indie band have been born, including DYGL, TENDOUJI and so on. Some names are a bit long and not very good, for example: “Survive Said The Prophet”.

This “Survive Said The Prophet”, I have browsed their official website, there is also an alias called “SABAPURO”, trying to check the meaning, but did not succeed. I am not a band manager or a musician, but I still have a little understanding of marketing. The first, name is very important if a band want to succeed. If the fans forget the name or don’t know how to read it, even if the music is really good, the band name is difficult to pass on.

For example, the now very hot Taiwanese group, Mayday, in English called Mayday, is it very easy to read and remember? Or the group Beyond, which was very famous in Greater China Area, it is just an English word. The groups that were popular in foreign countries are all at most up to three words, such as: Backstreet Boys, Boyz II Men, Spice Girls, and rarely use four words in their names.

Because it is difficult to remember, it is difficult to remember, so I suggest that those independent orchestras be renamed. At the time, it is better to have up to three children. Otherwise, people will forget you. It is useless to do anything.

Online Home Decoration Platforms are Everywhere, How Do They Succeed?

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Thanks to the Internet, some cars rental, rental houses, tourism, and even home decoration platforms have emerged. This shows that it is an emerging business model, but what is the competitive advantage of this model? Here how I analyze:

Consumer trust system

Taking the home deco platform as an example, many founders will find it difficult to find a reliable home decoration partners, so they set up an online platform to introduce consumers to a reliable decoration master. The question is based on why consumers believe in this platform? Do their customer service representatives have knowledge or experience in home decoration? Or those platforms have a so-called consumer-trust system in place? If so, how is it designed to make the users believe what they recommend. I certainly believe their staffs need to well explain to the users.

Operators database

In the old days, some people who taught business would say: “The money is in the database!” If your operators database is big enough, you can introduce them to customers. However, again you need to entice consumer trust first. Speaking of this, some people may say that customers can leave comments on the platforms. But how many of these comments are true and how many are fake? This is going to test everyone’s wisdom!

Value-added services

The issue of trust cannot be solved immediately, but if the industry can provide a free supervision service, or it can increase your customer trust. But of course, if the supervisor has experience in decoration, even if he/she involved “in the middle of the trick,” consumers will trust you more.

After talking for so long, what is it fighting? Or an added value is that they fight!

Correcting the bias of face recognition technology – establishing an inclusive recognition model

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There are shortcomings in face recognition technology, especially for people of color or gender. In order to create a more fair face recognition system, Fb’s recent AI team announced a fairer algorithm in the F8 sharing conference. In addition, the team also found that the industry found photos and colors of white males when looking for photos to train the machine. The proportion of photos of races and women is not 1:1, which also causes artificial intelligence to deviate in the recognition of human faces, which also led to serious deviations in Amazon Rekognition.

Fb’s announcement also represents the “discrimination” problem that technology can solve face recognition with technology, and people do not need to be excluded because of systematic deviations, and even fear the use of technology.

San Francisco City Plan prohibits human face recognition software application

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San Francisco has a number of successful technology companies (such as Uber, Twitter, Airbnb, and Yahoo) that will vote for the controversial Stop Secret Surveillance Ordinance (SSSO). It is reported that this SSSO is that legislation does not allow the government to use the human face recognition system to monitor her city, and the person who supports this proposal said that in the past experiments, the face recognition system has a great way to identify people of color. The error creates a potential racial discrimination issue.

However, some comments doubt whether their rationale is reasonable? For example, the recognition technology of face recognition will become more and more accurate with deep learning, and in San Francisco, the government also allows some companies that provide genetic identification and analysis (such as 23andMe and Ancestry) to register and operate locally. In fact, is this invading privacy or making some kind of discrimination?

The media opposed to legislation believes that SSSO has a wide definition of monitoring technology, even including RFID scanners or monitoring instruments carried on individuals, and questioning the rationale for this bill.

In fact, the application of technology always has positive and negative aspects. When the email is available, it is convenient for people to communicate. However, some people will spam emails, and even the criminals will use emails to retrieve the password of the victim’s bank account for theft. As long as the human face recognition technology is applied properly, it can bring convenience in various social fields. However, some politicians like to exaggerate its negative application and let them have certain interests. Such an attitude is actually not a blessing to society!

Face recognition system cooperates with “superhuman” to fight crime

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CNET, a well-known technology website, recently published an article about the collaboration between “super recognizer” and face recognition systems. Super Recognizers are humans with special talents who can identify a large number of faces. It is a cognitive quirk discovered by Harvard University and the University of London in 2009. These people are known to have only 2% of the total population.

Super Recognizer will also be used in police investigations (such as the City of London police), but because police investigations often have to check a large number of closed-circuit television or other face data, it is too slow to identify them by hand alone! Therefore, local police will also use the face recognition system, but because the system is still in the testing stage, and there will be errors, if Super Recognizer can work with the computer, it will be seamless and the efficiency of the crime will be greatly improved.

Use 2FA to Guarantee Safety

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From time to time, I hear about the theft of Whatsapp, Facebook, email accounts, etc. How can we strengthen security? The following tips can enhance the functionality of Security System:

Do not use very low risk passwords

Some people will choose some numbers or strings that are easier to remember for fear of forgetting the password, or even use the order on the keyboard to make passwords such as “QWERT”, “12345”, “ASDFG”, etc. These passwords are extremely easy to be cracked by hackers, so it is better to choose some longer (8 characters or more) or even use numbers plus letters to make passwords, such as: “A1v4dOPB”, “GtBVi8La”, etc. As for memory I suggest that these strings represent an important stage of your life or something you like, such as: “Imm150619” (I’m getting married on 15 June 2019, I got married on June 15, 2019)

Enable double password verification

Double password authentication is very common. For example, online banking, you need a security code to log in to your account or transfer money. However, in general passwords, you can generally choose to use SMS or use third-party security coding functions such as Google Authenticator. . I don’t recommend that readers use SMS because this technology is outdated and easily intercepted by third parties. It is very insecure, so it is better to use apps like Google Authenticator.

AI Dog Sitter Threaten Human Dog Sitter Jobs

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About two years ago, a smart dog nanny named Furbo was sold in the market. This Furbo can recognize the dog’s various behaviors and push notifications to the owner’s current dog situation, such as dog barking behavior, vomiting, messy size. Two will wait. The R&D group said that they used AI technology in this Furbo to understand the dog’s status through “dog face recognition.” I really feel that the current development of artificial intelligence is becoming more and more mature, and it may not be necessary to a pet sitter.

The following is an introduction to the product:

Startup & Access Control System

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The access control system is an important part of the entire security system, because the locking, release and recording of the door are important, especially now with the development of the IoT smart home, an access control system can basically operate the home appliances, including electric lights. , TV, air conditioning, cooking equipment, etc.

In view of this, some founding companies have changed their sights on this market and launched a smart home for access control. Users can set the time to open their home appliances on the access control system or mobile app, which is very convenient. However, the access control system is always more important. It is more important to choose a good system. Therefore, it is best to find some access control system recommended articles before buying..

Access Control System and Co-Working Space

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Nowadays, the concept of “co-working space” is very popular, and so do “mobile” and “micro” entrepreneurship. But what is the relationship between co-working space and the access control system? Whether it’s a co-working space (formerly known as business center), the main purpose is to let the tenants access the office space whenerver they need to. Thus, a good access control system can provide them with such convenience and hence will definitely increase their renewal rate.

So what kind of access control system can provide this convenience?

There are mainly three types of electronic access control system provided in the market: a keypad system, a card-swipe system, or biometric identification system such as using fingerprint recognition, or face recognition. If used in a co-working space environment, it is inconvenient to use the keypad access control, because whenever a new tenant comes in, you need to pass the password to them and if for any case you want to change the password, you must notify all tenants, and that will increase your administrative costs. So a better choice will be a swipe-card or biometric access control system. However, in using a biometric identification system, one must delete the tenant’ data whenever they want to move out whereas the swipe-card system, one basically needs to re-collet the key-card when the tenant leaves. Both systems have their benefits and I think the co-working space management should review which is good for them!