Correcting the bias of face recognition technology – establishing an inclusive recognition model

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There are shortcomings in face recognition technology, especially for people of color or gender. In order to create a more fair face recognition system, Fb’s recent AI team announced a fairer algorithm in the F8 sharing conference. In addition, the team also found that the industry found photos and colors of white males when looking for photos to train the machine. The proportion of photos of races and women is not 1:1, which also causes artificial intelligence to deviate in the recognition of human faces, which also led to serious deviations in Amazon Rekognition. read more

San Francisco City Plan prohibits human face recognition software application

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San Francisco has a number of successful technology companies (such as Uber, Twitter, Airbnb, and Yahoo) that will vote for the controversial Stop Secret Surveillance Ordinance (SSSO). It is reported that this SSSO is that legislation does not allow the government to use the human face recognition system to monitor her city, and the person who supports this proposal said that in the past experiments, the face recognition system has a great way to identify people of color. The error creates a potential racial discrimination issue. read more

Face recognition system cooperates with “superhuman” to fight crime

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CNET, a well-known technology website, recently published an article about the collaboration between “super recognizer” and face recognition systems. Super Recognizers are humans with special talents who can identify a large number of faces. It is a cognitive quirk discovered by Harvard University and the University of London in 2009. These people are known to have only 2% of the total population. read more

AI Dog Sitter Threaten Human Dog Sitter Jobs

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About two years ago, a smart dog nanny named Furbo was sold in the market. This Furbo can recognize the dog’s various behaviors and push notifications to the owner’s current dog situation, such as dog barking behavior, vomiting, messy size. Two will wait. The R&D group said that they used AI technology in this Furbo to understand the dog’s status through “dog face recognition.” I really feel that the current development of artificial intelligence is becoming more and more mature, and it may not be necessary to a pet sitter. read more

Startup & Access Control System

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The access control system is an important part of the entire security system, because the locking, release and recording of the door are important, especially now with the development of the IoT smart home, an access control system can basically operate the home appliances, including electric lights. , TV, air conditioning, cooking equipment, etc. read more

Access Control System and Co-Working Space

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Nowadays, the concept of “co-working space” is very popular, and so do “mobile” and “micro” entrepreneurship. But what is the relationship between co-working space and the access control system? Whether it’s a co-working space (formerly known as business center), the main purpose is to let the tenants access the office space whenerver they need to. Thus, a good access control system can provide them with such convenience and hence will definitely increase their renewal rate. read more

IT entrepreneurial tide, creating a shared office boom

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“Growth is the king.” The pursuit of high growth seems to be a must for IT entrepreneurs. Whether it is the original GoGoVan, the auction App Carousell, the rental sharing platform Airbnb, Uber, etc. are all aimed at growth. Too many projects that successfully attract capital are aimed at high growth, as if to seize the market is the winning way for these new models of IT entrepreneurship. read more