Access Control System and Co-Working Space

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Nowadays, the concept of “co-working space” is very popular, and so do “mobile” and “micro” entrepreneurship. But what is the relationship between co-working space and the access control system? Whether it’s a co-working space (formerly known as business center), the main purpose is to let the tenants access the office space whenerver they need to. Thus, a good access control system can provide them with such convenience and hence will definitely increase their renewal rate.

So what kind of access control system can provide this convenience?

There are mainly three types of electronic access control system provided in the market: a keypad system, a card-swipe system, or biometric identification system such as using fingerprint recognition, or face recognition. If used in a co-working space environment, it is inconvenient to use the keypad access control, because whenever a new tenant comes in, you need to pass the password to them and if for any case you want to change the password, you must notify all tenants, and that will increase your administrative costs. So a better choice will be a swipe-card or biometric access control system. However, in using a biometric identification system, one must delete the tenant’ data whenever they want to move out whereas the swipe-card system, one basically needs to re-collet the key-card when the tenant leaves. Both systems have their benefits and I think the co-working space management should review which is good for them!

IT entrepreneurial tide, creating a shared office boom

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“Growth is the king.” The pursuit of high growth seems to be a must for IT entrepreneurs. Whether it is the original GoGoVan, the auction App Carousell, the rental sharing platform Airbnb, Uber, etc. are all aimed at growth. Too many projects that successfully attract capital are aimed at high growth, as if to seize the market is the winning way for these new models of IT entrepreneurship.

With this boom, office rental services have changed, from the original rental model to a new business center model, and then to a shared office model. The revenue model is also changed, from pure renting to recruiting different types of members, to venues booking. In addition to that, it also relies on the gathering of investors and project sponsors to lure investment and entrepreneurship projects and obtain considerable rewards.

Certainly, there are shared office leaders who cooperate with large local banks to jointly organize financial technology innovation centers and cultivate talents. However, how long can these shared office models last? It depends on how many local people believe in technology entrepreneurship. If these new models are unfortunate, they are just a bubble that repeated ten years ago, or the shared office is just a bubble!

How many renovation intermediary platforms are there?

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Recently, because of the booming Internet, many people use the Internet as an intermediary platform, such as event ceremonies, beauty companies, tutorials, freelances, renovations, and vans. There are more and more of these platforms, and some have even succeeded in finding investors, as if they really made money.

However, there are more platforms and more competition. It seems that the decoration platform, in addition to callx Fu, there are decoration x, good teacher x and so on. These platforms are advertised as offering master matching services, and some even claim to provide case follow-up services. Of course, the quality of the author, I really do not know, it is recommended that consumers look for services, shop around, and then ask friends who have used these platforms to compare is better!

Coworking: A New Type of Working Style?

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Tahere are new type of offices called co-working that struck China by storm and this type of working trend seems influencing Hong Kong as well. With the first co-working space opened back in 2014, (operated by a big brand company in Hong Kong), few operators now are expanding their reach and open new facilities in Wan Chai.

But is co-working a future of working style?

In a news article, it reported that an open style working space is actually taking place. For example big companies such as HSBC, Berwin Leighton Paisner (a law firm) has been adopted the new style of working, which they believe through collaboration with start-up will bring benefits of the companies digital transformation.

Help Sharing of Knowledge

One of the purpose of co-working space is to share knowledges, some operators constantly open workshops and seminars to attract new visitors so that they can grow their businesses. Sharing knowledge is a good idea but the fact is with some many co-working spaces in Hong Kong, how can this industry survive? Probably this is the question the industry should ask.

Startup and Mortgages

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Can we apply mortgages for a start up company? I guess you can, especially there are quite a lot of mortgages companies to put this message in their advertising campaigns, which said things like “mortgages can make legends!”

Well the stories basically are related to the start ups founders, who usually need a lot of money for their projects, so why they have these kinds of campaigns. However to me, I don’t believe this kind of message, I’d choose to trust “lean start up”, which said one basically need zero cost to build their businesses empire.

To Start Up or Not Start Up? It’s a question

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In the IT circle, we often talk about startups. Some startups do not even have work experience and even become “dragons of people” or in the startup world, we often refer the “successful companies” as “unicorns”.

However, to be a “unicorn” or to successfully accomplish a career is actually not easy at all. This article cited “4 characteristics of Forbes successful people” and shares with you:

#1: They know when to start and when to end

As the saying goes: “It’s OK to be flexible” It just describes this group of people. They seem to have innate touch, knowing when they should begin, and when they should end, but when someones like to cherish their successes of the past, it would be hard for them to move forward, because those so-called “successes” are just their “stumbling blocks” for them.

#2 They can accept failure for ultimate success

The well-known inventor Edison was not very successful in inventing the electric light bulb in the beginning. He used more than 600 materials and had done more than 8000 experiments before successfully found out using carbonized bamboo filaments as the conductive wire in the bulb would last long. It was the first-generation incandescent lamp. Later, he improved the incandescent lamp and used a tungsten wire as the conductor in the vacuum bulb. The light bulb was filled with inert argon gas and it became the tungsten lamp known today. This spirit of perseverance is what every entrepreneur must have.

#3 Do not believe in fate

During the Chinese new year, many people went to the feng shui master and asked them advices on how to “prevent the evil and bring them more luck”. But successful people never believe in so-called fate. Their fate is basically in their own hands.

#4 Have Clear Goals

Most of the successful people have clear goals and follow steps to complete each step. And when appropriate, every detail will be reviewed and improvements made.

The above is only a brief description. We have the opportunity to talk about it again next time.